3D Runner: Adidas Presents The First Shoe For Consumers From The 3D Printer

3D printers break down more barriers for custom made items. Now they are used even when building houses or bridges. Adidas experimenting for some time with the possibilities of 3D printing in footwear, what now for the launch of the first shoe from the 3D printer in the consumer sector led: the 3D-Runner.

Shoe Out Of The 3D Printer Completely Without Seams

About a year ago, adidas with the Futurecraft 3D presented the concept of a shoe produced in the 3D printer. The concept was the future of adidas stores, where customers run a while on a treadmill and then receive a customized pair of running shoes out of the 3D printer.

So far are we unfortunately, but the 3D-Runner is not a step in that direction. The shoe is made individually, but entirely out of the 3D printer. The top consists of a mixture of more closely and loosely woven fabric, what adidas called “Primeknit”. The rest of the shoe consists of a structure with variable density and a printed heel make up the rest of the shoe.According to adidas, the composition of the 3D runner ensures greater elasticity and more support. Adidas completely omitted on joints or seams.

3D Runner Is A Limited Edition

A number of shoe manufacturers balance and under armor flirt already with the possibilities of 3D printing, including Nike, new. 2014 made a startup called SOLS resurfaced, which uses a 3D scan of the feet of the customers for making individual insoles.

This is just the beginning. Creating customized shoes based on individual’s footprint – including their running style, foot shape, performance needs and personal preferences – is a north star is for the industry and adidas is leading with cutting edge innovations“, as Mikal Peveto the adidas futures team.”

The 3D-Runner is a limited edition for the beginning and costs $ 333. Currently the shoes over the available smartphone app adidas and must store in New York, London or Tokyo from December 15 will be picked up personally in the adidas.