Apple and Motorola in Verbal in-Fight

Top executives from Apple and Motorola dishes sharp criticism against both companies’ business practices, and smartphones.

Leading top figures from Apple and Motorola have a little conflict between each other in these days where there from both sides will be chopped down on the other person’s way of conducting business, when it comes to smartphones.

It is Apple’s chief designer, Jonathan Ive, who first is out with criticism of Motorola. He is not enthusiastic about Motorola’s actions to allow you to customize your smartphone according to its own wishes with the website Moto Maker.

Since 2013 do you have with Moto X-top models were able to choose from a wide range of colors and materials for both the front and the back, like the extra details like own engraving is also possible.

Jonathan Ive: Motorola disclaims responsibility as a designer

But it breaks Jonathan Ive not about. The newspaper, The New Yorker , he makes up for a major interviewin which the subject falls on one of its competitors, namely Motorola.

“Their værdisag was ‘ make it what you want. You can choose what color you want ‘. And I believe that it is to give up one’s responsibility as a designer , “he says with a final remark about not mentioning it in the newspaper interview.

Jonathan Ive therefore believe that it is not good as a designer to let consumers customize designed on smartphones, but it is Motorola’s ceo certainly does not agree with.

Motorola: Apple’s pricing model is scandalous

To the BBC equivalent Motorola-Chief, Rick Osterloh, back at criticism from Apple and langer first out after their price model, which he calls outrageous. He also argues for why Motorola lets consumers design their Moto X itself:

“Our conviction is that end users should be involved in the design process of products. We think the future is in offering similar experiences and excellent consumer choice for readily available prices. A good mobile experience should not be an expensive luxury. It should be an available option for all “, says Rick Osterloh.

Motorola and Apple is so distant from each other, when it comes their way to develop and sell smartphones. But the two executives right about criticism? Share like your position in a comment below.