Apple Invites to a New Event-We Get an iPad Mini?

Apple has just sent out invitations for another event and teaser for that there is more to show-maybe an iPad Mini?

After several months and even more rumors, it looks now that Apple is ready to present a new product, in the form of an iPad Mini.

Apple has just issued an invitation to several tech pages, guess that it is the rygtede iPad Mini, which will be on the program for the event.

The date is as previous rumor Tuesday the 23rd.October in the United States, and all points to an iPad Mini with Lightning-Jack as in iPhone 5 and at a price significantly lower than The new iPad.

According to the invitation, the show starts about 7 p.m. Danish time, of course, follows up on the our site the whole event with live coverage.

Whether it will be an iPad Mini that will be launched still has not been confirmed, but it is presumed with high probability.