Apple Must Repay at Least 180 Million Dollars

The tech giant has now entered into an agreement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for a refund to customers who are victims of unfortunate “buy in apps”.

As we have previously described here on our site, so can ignorant kids buy loose in special situations through games and similar apps. However, we have also shown how to manage these “buy in apps”, then our sites readers not smoking in the same trap.

So lucky, however, it is not gone all. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has now sent out an internal e-mail to the company’s employees, who recounts a new deal Apple has entered into with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. It writes our site.

Double punishment according to Apple
Apple-implemented “buy in apps” feature to the App Store in 2009, which meant that app developers could charge money in the actual app, which now could be offered free or significantly cheaper. It was undoubtedly an improvement for the customers, who now had the opportunity to see the product before the purchase of an app’s full functionality.

However, allows the App Store by default, to “Save” the code in 15 minutes, from the first time you are entering. On the way, you don’t have to enter your code, if you download several tracks from iTunes at the same time. However, this has also been a kind of security-hole for game developers, to be able to get ignorant children to approve “buy in apps”.

Tim Cook announces in the mail that Apple already had decided to come to the rescue of the unfortunate customers. They have previously released e-mails to the 28 million App Store customers, who have made use of the “buy in apps”.

They have in this mailkorrespondence collected 37,000 complaints that Tim Cook has previously promised to honour to the full. Subsequently, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission intervened, with the intention to sue Apple. This has resulted in a long period of negotiations to end now finds that Apple must pay back customers, as already planned.

“It does not feel correctly that the FTC will sue us for a case that has already been settled. For us it tastes of double punishment “sorry Tim Cook.” But the agreement does not require something beyond that which we already would have done, so we decided to accept the verdict, instead of tackling a long legal tug of war ”

About upcoming updates will change default settings for “buy in apps” time will tell.