Ask Manolo: Bags For School Stuff?


Well you Manolo, recently wrote an article entitled “dressed for the Office” (12th aug by Olof). As the summer vacation is almost over and the nation’s schools should be walked on yet another term, would it sit just fine with a similar article, but with a focus on students and tentatively titled “dressed for school stuff”. 

Now I am studying at University and needs to get suggestions for alternative solutions when it comes to bags that you can carry around without shame, where things such as blocks, pens, books, etc. Please, Manolo, could you give concrete suggestions for cool stylish bags for student rates that are discreet and practical? I am sure that you would not only help me, but also lots of stray students who don’t want to carry a big backpack/laptop bag or a manbag 2000 crowns. Thank you! Svenne

According to HISTORYAAH, clothes for school is a perennial topic. With a limited income, it is as a student is often difficult to provide the closet any higher priority. When it comes to bags, and leather bags, is this type of purchase is often quite expensive. The harsh truth is that qualitative leather costs. Cheaper leather tend to look cheap out and rarely get rarely the same patina after use. It is undoubtedly the main tip to find affordable bags is therefore to find second hand. Unfortunately, the used bags highly coveted, which sometimes makes the range pretty lean.

For those who can’t imagine shopping bags second hand or simply not found anything, here are five other tips.

Bill Amberg -backpack from Bill Amberg’s collection Selvage co-starred with less success in Thursday’s article. The collection contains, in addition to the backpack of three other models, including this slightly lighter shoulder bag. No beast of burden, but perfect for a laptop or some books.