Bathrooms – by Combining the Colors of Coatings

A long time ago I spoke on this subject. I think there’s nothing better than good examples of combination of colors of coatings and other items from bathrooms to inspire those who are building or renovating their bathrooms and toilets. So, let’s see more 5 examples well explained:

This bathroom has, in relation to the colors of coatings, important points to consider: 1) when you use Gray, concrete burnt cement, (as in this case) it is interesting to add ringtones “hot” so that the environment does not get cold enough. So wood and floor. And they are in total harmony with the hydraulic tiles (since repeated one of his colors). The tiles of the box use the lighter color of the hydraulic tile, you understand? A perfect combination!

Here again you see the same solution: to warm up the gray used the stoneware imitating wood (or is it wood?). The basket and the frame with yellow tbém warm environment. See that the floor has white and black, that mixed form gray. The white on various items “illuminate” the environment.

Granite, material with one of the best cost as described – benefit for kitchens and bathrooms, is often left out because of the heterogeneous coloring surface – such as this, which has ashes, black and white -that makes the combination with other colored finishes. The “secret” is to repeat, in other cases, one or more of the colors of granite, as we see the set of tablets using the gray and black and brown tones. So the result is beautiful. The Cabinet below the countertop being white increases the lightness, but it could be clear or wood tbém average (to match the Brown added the pills).

Another example similar to the previous one. Note that all the colors used in the bathroom are contained on the floor that has the appearance of granite.

A fine example of combination with the use of porcelain stoneware imitating wood in the box. The colors of the walls and floor – an off white tending to beige-wood cabinet, countertop and flooring used in it (maybe a absolute Brown granite or quartz)-all colors are repetition of tones found in porcelain stoneware. This creates harmony-due to repetition of colors-and interest-due to dark/light variation. And put more light colors to dark guarantees lightness and improves the brightness. These porcelain models can get very “heavy” when there is this balance.

Planning and choosing right your bathroom will be nice!