Before Tim Cook: Larry Page’s Businessman Of The Year

American Fortune magazine has made his choice of the most important businessmen of the year 2014 – and the winner is none other than Google CEO Larry Page. In the neck, one that certainly many on the leadership expected sits him however: Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Fortune founded Larry page is now at the top of the rankings, especially with the large influence that page does with his company in the whole world. The famous “Moonshots” evolve slowly and at the same time new projects off the ground by mountain view sprout on a regular basis. Especially the mysterious research Google X, in which evolve the many exciting-sounding ideas of the Internet giant, is the focus.

Special praise reaps Larry page, but also making sure that he does not neglect also the day-to-day business in the here and now in addition to future projects like the self-driving Google car. So various fields despite the extremely broad horizon of Google are constantly evolving and always make headlines.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Lands In 2nd Place

Tim Cook was chosen by Fortune magazine on the second place in the ranking and is also high praise for his work at Apple. So next to the gigantic goodwill but also highlighted how to safely Cook continues the company as successor to Steve Jobs – and that Apple is an innovative company with him.

Even if Tim Cook is this time must be content with second place, a different title is him not to take – he is the CEO of the most valuable group of all time. Today, Apple set a new record at the stock exchange value with 665 billion dollars – and is more valuable than Google almost $ 300 billion.