Butterfly Blouse Miss Louli

Hello girls! Today is the day of the meet my Princess, but as that I plan to speak long and laying another day… We are going with a look, that you also really like.

This time with a blouse from Miss Louli butterflies. A versatile garment and giving enough size at a great price!

The Butterflies To The Dress

I much like butterflies, the swallows, the little birds… I like a lot the “cookies” prints of various small animals. But perhaps the butterflies have a huequito special in my heart. In several looks with this Butterfly dress , have seen it, and also my most special Butterfly dress and I have both asked for him.

I like butterflies. They are beautiful, sweet, delicate, tender…And I am a little cute. Already know me. So when Miss Louli proposed me to send me this blouse I thought: OK, these people know you pretty

Blouse Size

Here I was cautious, perhaps it is that I am not even aware at all of my current size, or escarmentada, I do not know maybe I am. I thought that as it is a rigid fabric 46 I could go small in the float of the belly area, so by play it safe I ordered the 48!As you can see I have well pulling a big… It had served me perfectly the 46 because from a little below the armpit, the fabric will open, so I would say that there virtually everyone gets!

Heels Wedges

These wedges are about 3 years old, bought them is my sister in Zara for a wedding, but she is more than tennis… So I stole them. But really by very cradle that were, up to now they were not me very comfortable. Much height, heavy, chubby feet, belts that tighten… I do not mean?

Now go me super, they are piece scaffolding, but comfortable. I’ve been a whole day with them with two visits to two playgrounds included, so I can say: IRENE approves these shoes.

And it is that I was not aware of my weight to influence both on the heels, as he saw “much more thin” people that does not support heels, because I thought that I was one to which cost him the heels, but as I told you at Christmas, with these shoes as cool, now not only endured much better heels, they are comfortable to me for quite some time.

When lowering the 25 kg which can miss me do not be surprised if I see pulling the dancers into the trash!jajajajajaja like crazy!

If you like the blouse of butterflies, you can buy it in AnyBlouses. Go through the website because they have very cool things in enough size (up to a 52 in some items) at incredible prices.

I leave you with the rest of the look photos!

Butterflies like you as much as me? Tell me how you combinaríais it! Give me ideas to wear it more often