Cardigan Male: How to Use,Tips

Despite being a piece for a long time used in the male wardrobe, the Cardigan is extremely versatile and don’t go out of style. Its design was inspired by the pullover, more open in front and counting with the presence of buttons.

Essential presence

Many fashion experts consider the Cardigan as a piece that can not miss on any kind of closet, whether man or woman, young or older, with country style or rocker. The functioning of this piece can save many people in moments of uncertainty about what to wear, as it is able to complete and harmonise the look, making the top of the talk to low production.

The wide variety of styles, materials and sizes promises to suit all tastes and not leave anybody outside the opportunity to enjoy the sleek and warm that the Cardigan offers.

Cardigan men

The contemporary man will be greatly benefited if you have some available, cardigans that can be combined with different overlays. You don’t need a huge collection of this piece, because, if you have chosen the right way (more traditional cut and neutral color), can be used repeatedly in combinations with other parts that are new.

The usualidade of the Cardigan is so great that men can enjoy your elegance all year round! That’s right, the Cardigan can be used on colder days, and even on sunny days, since the choice of fabric (more or less thick), suits the season.

Tips not to err in the combinations

An option for those who want to escape the traditional suit jacket and still stay warmer can be the Cardigan, provided you have muted colors and without print. Not to worry about the combination, the indicated is to choose for that has the closest color to the suit.

In place of his coat, Cardigan look very good when has tom similar to the pants of tailoring. To get the perfect look, invest in a tie, thinner than the traditional. Although apparently stripped, this combination can be used in very formal events.

The jeans, which combines with almost everything, looks great in the same composition as the Cardigan, since used with long sleeve. This style of look is great for going to the movies or enjoy a bar with friends.

It is necessary to highlight, for men who are still in doubt whether or not to invest in a Cardigan, the piece is one of the great promises for the colder season in 2012 and promises to leave many people more elegant and warm. Just follow the tips and pick some cardigans from CosyCardigan to make the wardrobe even more complete.