Carhartt WIP Wants to Continue Being The Perfect Uniform for The Lovers of The Street

Carhartt It is one of the longest clothing brands that exist, their birth dates back to 1889 and its creator Hamilton Carhartt He founded it with the intention of providing work that is defined as lasting, quality and comfortable clothes.

Under the slogan “Honest value for an honest dollar” the company founded in Detroit was effective at all factories USA work wear extra quality specializing in fabrics such as denim and canvas. Almost a hundred years later and renewed with the initials WIP (Work In Progress), Carhartt landed in Europe with great acceptance.

Since then, Carhartt WIP It has been one of the great urban brands that has been able to capture with great success the trends from the street with the of the catwalk, always with their high standards of quality very present. We will demonstrate in its proposals for this winter:

One of the hallmarks of Carhtartt they are its coats of canvas and parkas. In particular the model “Artic Coat” to the left of the top image (€239). This year as we have already seen in many firms, the tendency is to cover collars and hood with hair to protect us with success of the cold.

Another current fashionable we’ve seen during the season is to use the pattern of camouflage. I already have shown me more than once little party dress it, I don’t like, I think that I would only use it to play the Call of Duty…

In addition, ironically this stamping in the city achieved the opposite to what was created: everyone turn your head to see you spend with such combination of colours.

How could it be otherwise, the Burgundy It demands presence also in this brand of character purely street. Similar to the camouflage, We can find this color in all kinds of clothes but on this occasion it found all my blessing. The Chinese cotton we have on these lines are a success (89€).

If we go to the knitwear we are with Jersey prints with horizontal stripes which tell us well little. I like most the Jersey on the left that he named auto ‘ style guard Civil´ with ducks flying on its surface.

As we see also in shirt that accompanied this Jersey in the image, the duck appears to be an iconic symbol of Carhartt. It has explanation: at the beginning of the brand its most remarkable tissues were (and remain so) denim and canvas (canvas). This latest tissue was also known as ‘ duck´ (duck in English), play of words that the brand has been able to exploit with its iconic symbol.

If we go forward we will see varsity jackets to attend your appointment as they have done in all brands casual who boasts these months. Wear it with defiant attitude is not obligatory.

Finally, we can confirm that the supremacy of the pictures on shirts still has rope for a while. In the colors season and contrast, we find them in different sizes and styles.

I know that these pictures that we have seen over the entrance (next to the others that I have attached in the) Gallery), you are not going to say much: you are going to seem very dull, boring and little original sets. It is true, I have to confess that Carhartt nor is it my style of dress but yes I can assure that you have a very large audience (I have friends who wear it faithfully).

Another factor to consider is the price, quite higher than any signature casual I know as a low cost. Here I have to break a lance in favor of Carhartt because if I can assure you that the quality their tissues is substantially higher and that over the years we can monetize your clothes.

As always, your experiences and impressions to this brand have, so… Do not hesitate to comment!


Spring 17 Preview

Spring 17 Preview