Changing the ITIN for A Social Security Number

Although from the legal point of view is not allowed to use the ITIN to work, the truth is you do. That’s the reality. But what to do when you have used one and now a real Social Security number is obtained?

Steps to stop using the ITIN and start using the SS #

Once you have a real Social Security number and issued in the name of one must communicate, above all, the IRS (Hacienda).
In the letter, explain the change and include a copy of social security card and, if available, a copy of the CP 565, that is, the letter notified the IRS ITIN number.

If you misplace sure to include the number correctly written in the letter.

In addition, you are notified to banks, savings banks, and other institutions that previously communicated the ITIN.

In any case, once you have the Social, stop using the ITIN. Using two different numbers will only lead to problems headlong into the future.

To consider

The truth is that is not well known what immigration consequences or otherwise may have in the future using the ITIN to work. That must be taken into account.

But it is also true that for young people who have come to the United States and that can accommodate DACA this has not been a problem so they can get a work permit and then the Social.

Hopefully the same will happen with some parents of citizens and legal permanent residents when they can begin applying for the program known as DAPA, when the conflict is resolved in the courts over its legality is resolved. For now it does not apply.

In any case, these are delicate matters and should always consult with an immigration attorney.

Because once given to an agency of the federal, state or local government a number and / or name will always be a trail that can be followed.

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Immigration reform

By executive order of President Barack Obama, hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants can access benefits and relief from deportation, work permit and a valid Social Security number through programs in its extended form DACA and DAPA. At the moment, these two programs are suspended and do not apply. It is waiting for a decision of a court.

Every time there is a change in the immigration laws or in their interpretation and application form there are always people who try to take advantage of immigrants. We must be very careful not to apply early, consult with reputable lawyers and / or seek help from organizations supporting migrants good.