Chubby Dresses: Do You Have The Basics For Spring?

With the good temperatures we can go saying goodbye to the omnipresent coat and the clothes of chubby clothes that shelter and that so unflattering result…

Plus Size Spring Dress

And go say hello to the large dresses and those skirts that we feel great. Every year, we try to make our dresses for big sizes and our skirts and T-shirts love you, modestly, we believe that by the spring of 2015 we have overcome. Do not you think?

Oh, sure! That maybe you have not yet discovered the news on clothes for girls gorditas that we have in HOTICLE. Well, we invite you to be surprised and excited, but also to know a little more that this spring / summer 2015 is a small summary of large dress for chubby.

Curvy, Basic Seasonal Dresses

Ballerina Dresses.

These dresses we love because they always feel good of women of all sizes, because they are very fresh and basic for a casual style, but if you know to combine with the supple accessories save almost any occasion.

They create a nice movement effect and, if that were not enough, they are very youthful.

Flowers and Star Print Dresses

Yes, it is very typical, but not less effective or less favorable, any dress for spring of large sizes to which afloral print is added is a seasonal garment, and more this year in which the flowers return to Be one of the star prints in gorditas clothes.

If you are more skirt and blouse, do not resist to risk combining two garments with different prints.

Dazzling Dresses

For any event or celebration, day or night, the shines continue to set the pace of fashion. There are two alternatives that we love: on the one hand satin effect dresses for women plump, with geometric or natural prints, a winning choice for day events. For the nights the glitter of the sequins is still the king.

The New Spring-Summer Collection

Spring is already there, but we have come forward with a lot of new clothes in big sizes so that this spring2015 you can enjoy all the fashion trends in all sizes, like the good curvy fashionista that you are.


Determine Your Body Shape

Determine Your Body Shape