Convergence Jerk Also at Euskaltel, Which Added 100,000 Lines in 2013 Is Reflected

The convergence It is catching on and much in the Spanish telecommunications market, something that is having reflected on the growing number of users who are engaged with the same fixed operator, Internet, mobile or television and efforts dedicated operators improve their convergent offers.

And the big beneficiaries of the outbreak of convergence have been largely operators that with strength in the fixed market are becoming strong also in the mobile market. In this sense we have already seen the results of Jazztel or ONO, but now we know those of Euskaltel, who It added more than 100,000 new mobile lines in 2013.

Euskaltel announced today that already boasts 415.000 mobile lines after adding more than 100,000 new lines last year, highlighting also the growth of 32% on the contract lines. In addition the Millicom Basque have also ensured that 100% of handsets that customers buy are smartphones. With these numbers, Euskaltel is situated as second operator in the Basque country by number of contract lines, always according to your numbers.

Agreement with Amazon and smartphones for a euro a month

To continue with the path of Euskaltel growth commitment now to offer smartphones for euros per month for new hires or improvements in rates and offer free of charge 15 applications worth 30 euros Thanks to an agreement recently signed with Amazon.

The challenge for Euskaltel is more difficult than in previous years, Since after having captured mobile lines of much of its customers of fixed services and mobile coverage, Vodafone Orange to change, to continue to grow you will need to point to customers of other operators while Movistar expands its coverage of fiber by Euskadi.