COS Spring/Summer 2013: More Than Ever, But with Some Mininal Another Surprise of Color

Functional, practical, Basic but with small details of style and especially very commercial. Yes, because although some total outfits, in principle, may appear to be little real (or available), separate garments have many possibilities, nor should we stay with the presentation of the catalogue, but to see beyond.

So is the new collection of Collection of Style, of which already have the new Lookbook for the upcoming season spring-summer 2013. A catalogue which, as you wont in the House, committed by Basic wardrobe pieces, as simplistic as effective. And many times, and as the saying goes, less is more, and this COS collection, of course the premise is fulfilled.

The collection focuses on tailoring parts, as costumes with American straight cut and shortened leg pants, Sleeve dress shorts or three-quarter. Parts that are interspersed with other more techniques as any other Lightweight parka, or more conceptual as the top you see on these lines.

Apart from the clothes that the truth is not that they surprised too, that follow the same patterns of previous collections, almost to imply that I especially liked the color chosen. On the one hand, the combinations in natural tones formed with colors as the smoke grey, broken white, salmon pink, Mint green dusty, grey-green…

… And on the other, the accents in colors more intense and compelling as the Emerald Green shutdown, in orange tile or blue ink. Nor forget the hackneyed trend, at least on the runway, from the total looks radiant white that truth, although in photo are very well, I always thought that they are almost impossible in everyday life. It is true, in general the presented idea can seem pretty bland, although most of these items combined with another type, can have many possibilities.