Crazy about The Paisley? Take a Look at The New Collaboration of Fred Perry with Drake Completo of London

Paisley: Design or print drop of water curved or popular in various textile used kidney-shaped to make neckties and scarves. Although it comes from the India, in Spanish is known as cashmere because in the 19th century is it copied from silk and wool Kashmir shawls.

For all those who they were unaware of the definition of Paisley, We have offered two options: either create a foot juntillas definition give you or cast you an eye to the new collaboration between Fred Perry Drake completo of London which could not have made a tribute largest and best gotten to this pattern. The British style par excellence with the Eastern air What more to ask?

I have to admit that the collection It is a success you look at you look at. Not only have retry Paisley design and ask that get a special protagonism, which have done so, but have also managed to focus so that the essence of Fred Perry will not turn off or lost at any time and supplemented and rejuvenated with the paisley style. The oriental touch It feels Pearl to the laurels and they know how to boost thanks to the collars with double edging or the poles of cotton pique, his more exotic side.

The paisley applies to shirts, shirts, accessories and even shoes, something that has surprised us in a way very, very pleasant. The with maxi brogue shoes soles (as already launched Prada in her previous collection), complemented with this print on the inside as well as the scarves or shirts include it in its entirety or only items such as collars or pockets plastran respectively. The set is a whole very solid, in which prevail dark colors but that does not lose vitality thanks to the twist that brings the paisley. Definitely a great collaboration.