#Dategate: No Update Still Danger Lurks

The good news first: the 1970 bug who installed the latest ios version 9.3.1, is going on. Because in the update, Apple has reacted and resolved the blockage on the error. Users of the older ios version 9.2.1 living dangerously and must look that no one gets the idea, shut down the iphone. Latest findings according to which goes even without access to the device itself. Once caught, although there’s a way out of this misery, but is cumbersome.

Dategate: critical iphone bug

Dategate identifies an ios bug, making the rounds for weeks. A video shows is that the iphone into a paperweight can be transformed when the date on the January 1, 1970. This day is called Unix time, so the time at which the system makes set the time. You set this time in an iphone, it can happen that the system messes up the clock and adjusts the operation after a reboot.

Video on the subject

A new ios bug doing the rounds: if it is the date on the iphone, the hardware no longer boots. Our site has taken the test. #dategate: Test of the exceedingly annoying ios-date-bugs

Dategate: risk via Wi-Fi

Really annoying it is manipulate however, if the attacker while do not have access to the device, but the Wi-Fi, that iphone and ipad almost even paralysing is like in this video. Goes like: intercepts the requests at time.apple.com, so Apple’s time server, the network administrator and are leveling devices at the regular a modified response in the form of an incompatible date back, the internal clock of the device adjusted and the system is unusable without intervention of the user. Although you can undo even these sleeping, only one is advisable at this point: make the update to ios 9.3.1 everything else makes your hardware a target.

#dategate: our site makes the test

In the video is the motto: do not home! But our site wanted to know exactly what is on this bow on it. The result: iphone with a 6 and ios 9.2 allowed the error to exactly understand. The date was set within a few minutes on January 1, 1970 and after restarting the device no longer started. Worked while the recovery mode (DFU mode), but after the restore through itunes, a startup was not yet feasible. It was only possible to revive the hardware by opening the iphone housing and disconnect the battery.

Iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus: all information, all pictures

Ios bug: conclusion

The error in the system is more than annoying, even if it does not occur in normal operation only who aims, iphones this way can paralyze. The date is quickly adjusted and no longer goes after the restart. A software restore fails, just disconnecting the battery fixes the bug. Problem: Will void the warranty by opening the hardware and it is at your own risk. To avoid this, only going to the Apple store or a lot of patience helps: because if the battery loses contact with or just completely empties, makes no difference. When the battery is empty, a restart should succeed as well but really only if the iphone no longer displays the screen with the Red battery. And that can take.