Day of The Viking: Castles, Viking and Strategy for The First Game of The Spanish Study Vorax

If you’ve always wanted to defend your Castle from the siege of hordes and more hordes of hungry Vikings, it is likely that Day of the Viking is the game you’re looking for. Especially if you like the mix of action and strategy coupled with the protection of forts and princesses.

Eye because behind Day of the Viking Vorax Studios, founded in the year 2012 by two industry veterans such as we find the Spanish study Carlos macaroni, Technical Director programmer in Vorax, and Virtual Toys and Cristina Ynzenga, which has ten years of experience in animation having worked on titles such as Castlevania, Deadlight and Overlord 2.

Don’t let those Vikings from entering your Castle

Day of the Viking is the first work of Vorax Studios, but it shows that there are people experienced in charge. There is more to see paragraph polished technician who wears the game, as well as its mechanical, to realize that this smells like pure Vice.

Posted by Adult Swim in Android (IOS has been since November of last year), Day of the Viking offers you 80 different levels and a handful of weapons and power-ups to repel the attack of the Vikings. Some guys that were very quiet in their homes until they realized that winter reached them and food began to run out, which gave them the perfect excuse to go looting castles.

In the early levels it will be easy to get rid of the Viking hordes, but gradually they will be sharpening their wits and build shields, ramps, and war machines that take your Castle. You get what you want, but You should send them to Valhalla to bite its rich powder.

Day of the Viking Version: 0.13

  • Version of Android: Since 2.3
  • Developer: Vorax Studios
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free (provides integrated shopping)
  • Category: Casual