Dell XPS 13 (2015)-in Fact, Cheeky Portable [First Look]

It’s not every day that a piece of Dell-electronics speaks to the emotions, but that is exactly what Dell’s latest XPS 13 does.

On paper it looks exciting, Dell’s new star laptop. Dell has wisely realized that the frame around a screen really is superfluous. So it has been shaved away.

Dell’s new darling will therefore be a 13 inch laptop, squeezed down into a 11 “Cabinet. The result, XPS 13 (2015), is even more promising than what press the pictures suggest.

Rugged elegance

It is not commonplace to see elegance and robustness to give one another tryst. But it is exactly that which is experienced when the screen fills up the scenery and taken away from the attention from the usual black bars around the display.

Though it may seem delicate from a distance, it is not the case. XPS 13 is designed as a sandwich where two thick slices aluminum holder on a giblets of rigid plastic and carbon fiber. The whole måltiden is finally fixed by some perfect oversized screws at the bottom.

Hinges, surfaces and assemblies is steeped in the self-assured superiority, as only noble materials such as carbon fiber and brushed aluminum can give her built. Even if you’re by no means will want to mistreat this PC, is the structure so reassuring that you will not fear collapse by even rough handling.

Dell XPS 13 is no laptop as you know them.

XPS 13, however, is not without weaknesses. The keypad emits a soft clicking which will require some getting used to, and maser you well through when you type it will give a little after. At the same time, the XPS 13 is not nearly as gauzy as they 11.6 inch ultrabooks it shares footprint with 200 grams more than it weighs. Apple’s Macbook 11 “, but it’s instantly forgiven, for the greater density increases just quality awareness.

Display narrow frame displaces while your webcam to a less convenient location at the bottom left of the screen.

A possible workaholic

The exclusive impression persists when you are pushing the power button down. The 13 inch big Infinity display blazes colorfully up with a resolution of 3200×1800, which is the equivalent of 276 PPI – sharper than Apple’s retina Macbooks and sharp enough to tray with surgical scalpels.

The screen excels at once by an impressive brightness and excellent betragningsvinkler. Are you using the outdoors you will experience part glare. Hardened by Gorilla glass display 3, and supports multi-touch input with up to 10 fingers. Along with the wide trackpad, it is therefore no cause to navigate in Windows 8.1.

A neat appearance and excellent screen does not mean, however, that the XPS 13 automatically will shine as workmate in everyday life. Brawn and stamina must also be present.

Power surplus is supplied in the form of the latest generation of Intel Core i processors. But even the base model starts with a compelling Core i5 dual-core at 2.2 GHz which can be configured up to i7-class as 0.4 GHz spin faster. Standard model with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB PCI-e SSD will ensure good performance.Should it not row, you can expand your storage space up 512 GB. RAM can, in turn, is not extended.
Apart from engineering magazine puts Dell’s darling himself again over Ultrabooks segment and is approaching dangerously more work-oriented machines like Macbook Pro. Only small but can be found in the graphics section, here is only Intel’s built-in HD5500-graphics, fine for Office use, but for 3D games or certain Adobe applications will be in the bottom edge.

Battery life our site have not had the opportunity to test yet. Dell promises here that the operating time can be stretched to 15 hours, but producer-numbers, as we know, is optimistic.

This concludes our first impression of Dell’s, small but potent portable. It is a seductive sexy Dell laptop here are screwed together. Whether or not it can go the distance, however, requires a little more getting used to. Follow us at our site where we will follow up with the full test.

You can order Dell XPS 13 (2015) from today on the Dell website. Prices start at 10,490 dollars for 8 GB, 5.Gen. Core i5 2, 2 GHz and 256 GB SSD.

Specifications of the Dell XPS 13

Target: 304 x 211 x 9-15 mm, 1280 grams
Screen: 13.3 “3200×1800, 275 PPI
Camera: 2 MP front camera
Performance: 5. gen. Intel Core i5/i7 2.2 – 2, 6 GHz dual-core with up to 3, 2 GHz, 8 GB RAM boost
Battery: up to 15 hours
Storage: 256 GB + SD card reader + 20 GB Dropbox for a year
Ports: 2xUSB 3.0, mini-DisplauPort, Kensington lock
Software: Windows 8.1
Moreover: Price from 10,490.0-crowns. Available only in metalgrå.