Digi Mobil Cut Its Rate Prepaid and Bonds of Minutes May Be Used to Call Romania

Digi mobil, the MVNO aimed mostly at the Romanian community to include a Spanish number and another Romanian, in a same SIM also responds to improvements of Lebara by which their rates cross the borders so that both contract, customers of card can use any fee to speak not only with Spain if not with other 24 countries, mainly Europe.

On the basis of the rates per minute of Digi always have been valid to speak with Spain and Romania, the main improve arrives because from now on the bonds of minutes prepaid and contract are compatible for use with all fixed and mobile in Romania and Italy (except Digi 200 only including fixed and mobile Digi).

In addition, bonds 400 Digi prepaid and two contract bonds allow to spend minutes with fixed and mobile in United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, United States, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic and Sweden besides with fixed from Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Hungary and Norway.

The second improvement which applies Digi mobil now refers to its tariff per minute prepaid that rounded prices with VAT to reduce them to 2 cents to fixed and mobile Digi While the rest of mobile calls is reduced nearly in half, keeping one of the establishments of call market 12.10 cents lower. Now it remains to be seen when they arrive improvements to tariff by default of contract which has been desposicionada against the prepayment as we can see in the table summary.

All the details of the complete range of rates Digi mobil is follows: