Economists Warn: Your Next Mobile Will Be More Expensive

You get fewer kroner return when you alternate your dollars for u.s. dollars. It will have consequences for your next mobile purchases, economists warn.

The Crown lose value relative to the U.S. dollar and it will mean higher prices for your gadgets in the future, explains the economic experts to our site. Next time you buy electronics from Apple or Samsung, you can therefore run the risk of having to dig deeper into their pockets.

The explanation for the Danish price increase must exist on the other side of the Atlantic. Here goes the good for the American economy as well, that the dollar has risen by 20 percent compared to the Danish krone. 

It is a development that will have an impact on your future gadget shop, explains workers ‘ National Bank Chief Economist Lone K to “This of course means something when you have to buy the products in Denmark, which comes from the United States and other countries, where the goods are traded in dollars “.

20 percent will be for 10

The dollar’s surge, however, does not mean drastic price increases assures the Lone Kjærsgård “Products will of course do not rise in a relationship called one to one, so the rising twenty percent in price, but up to ten percent”

An assessment shared by Michael S, Chief Economist at Danish Occupation, which points out that competition image will change if Apple screws sharply up for the price: ” If one were to suddenly put the price up to twenty percent on an iPhone, then I could imagine, that there is a whole lot of demand, then there are simply some people who choose some other products”.

Although you can count on more expensive gadgets in the future, it will not result in price increases for popular cell phones like the iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5. Daniel Olesen, media consultant at reassures: “mobile phones and tablets have a relatively short lifetime on store shelves, and it means that prices are only going one way-downwards. But new mobiles may very well get a higher price than its predecessor “intro.

Whether the high u.s. dollar rate will transpire in Denmark, there may be indications of already the 1.March where both Samsung and HTC will present their upcoming topmobiler at MWC-fair in Barcelona.