Eroski Mobile Also Points to The War: 100 Minutes and 1 GB for 10 Euros a Month

Mobile does not rest a second, and it is that month after month or week after week we know new offers or rates that can make us think of a possible change of company, as consumption that now some users will be tempted with the new bonus of voice and data offering Eroski mobile.

The virtual chain of hypermarkets, carrying a few months without giving us news, recently renewed his offer pre-payment, with new rates of pay-per-minute and voice bonuses, both contract, with new combinations of voice data, but today again to introduce a new bonus of voice and data contract for which they call little.

The new bonus bears the name combines New and offers to its users 100 minutes in calls and 1 GB for 10 euros per month. A cheaper option that launched bonds recently, splitting 12 euros, but seeking above all to those users who call just but they need enough traffic data for mobile. Exceeded data including the excess is paid to 3.63 cents for mega and the rate will be available only, in principle, until April 28.

Details of the new rates of mobile Eroski are as given below:

With this new bond of voice and data mobile Eroski offers a very interesting option for profile few calls user but wants a giga. In this segment was already mobile Tuenti with its 75 minutes and 1 GB by 10.75 euros per month, also available in prepaid, or a fee that is traced to the of Eroski mobile Ion Mobile but for 12 euros a month.