Euskaltel Will Slightly Raise The Price Per Minute and The Establishment of Call of Fares

In a sector as that of mobile telephony are accustomed to that all price movement is always downwards, the latest upward movement reminding one was when the establishment went from 12 to 15 cents, so much attention notice that customers are receiving their March bills of Euskaltel.

In it the Millicom Basque informs its users that from the month of April It will undertake the rise in the price per minute in your rates SIMple and also the establishment of call all mobile rates, in what seems a movement to push rates with included minutes.

It will be starting from the month of April when the SIMple rates, that included a bonus of free data in Exchange for minimum consumption for fixed connection clients, raise your price per minute 0.59 cents, passing the fee SIMple 5 at a price per minute of 6.65 cents per minute and the fee SIMple 3 to 4.22 cents per minute.

But in addition to raising the price per minute of the two rates that offer a bonus of free data Euskaltel has also decided to play a concept that seemed untouchable, that in fact the users always have requested its reduction or elimination. The call set-up all the rates will rise to the same extent that the price per minute of the SIMple, going to 18.74 cents.

Pushing rates with included minutes?

As we said at the beginning this movement is quite unusual in this sector and would add personally that very risky. Admittedly, the rise is not as high but Euskaltel nothing completely counterflow with this movement, besides affecting rates, the SIMple, with great depth among their clientele by the bonus of free data in Exchange for minimum consumption.

The only thing that could explain this movement is that the Millicom Basque wants to push customers toward the rates that include minutes, which are very interesting to the truth, but I do not think that this is the most correct way to encourage customers to switch to higher rates.