Exclusive: MASMOV! L Launches Convergent Offer ADSL and Fiber of Jazztel

It seemed that after the dust raised by the agreement between Telstra and Movistar, so that the first could launch its offer convergent and after the mess of Pepephone and Vodafone we were going to take to see how other mobile virtual network operator launched the convergent market but today MASMOV! L breaks all pools with the announcement of its first convergent offer.

The virtual independent offers customers today converging rates for ADSL and fiber thanks to a collaboration agreement with Jazztel, It will provide the part fixed the product as does Pepephone Vodafone or Movistar yoigo. We know the details of the new converging rates of MASMOV! L.

The convergent MASMOV offer! L comes thanks to an agreement that has the virtual with Jazztel, which for the first time with network operator for a virtual mobile sector of the fixed broadband. From MASMOV! L will be offered three options of fixed connections, one ADSL and two fiber optic.

Offer convergent single ADSL price

On the one hand offers an ADSL with up to 30 megabytes of download, Flatrate calls to landlines national, 60 minutes a month on calls to mobiles from the fixed together with the rate zero 1 GB of MASMOV! L with 50 minutes calls from mobile phones including by 42.28 euros per month, with the option to raise 1,000 minutes a month minutes included in the mobile line by 10.89 euros.

But if the ADSL option attractive to which includes a 50 MB connection Download with fiber optic is still more interesting. The price is the same the ADSL connection, see 42.28 euros with zero with 50 minutes and 1 GB tariff or 53.17 euros a month with 1,000 minutes and 1 GB.

Fibre with 200 Megs of descent also

And to top it off the MASMOV offer! L also has access to the higher speed connection of Jazztel, which currently offers a 200 Megs symmetrical connection. This option includes flat rate national calls and 120 minutes a month on calls to mobiles from the fixed as well as the same rate zero with 50 minutes and 1 GB by 54.38 euro per month or 1,000 minutes per 65.27 USD per month.

Then we leave you with a Overview of the different rates to MASMOV! L launches today:

These offers are only available in direct coverage of Jazztel. The installation of the fixed part and the high is borne by Jazztel for free for portability from other companies, while the new high have to pay 60 euros. With regard to the permanence There is only on connections of fiber, 12 months, while the moving part has never stay.

With the giga by flag

After detailing the new converged offering of MASMOV! L we find ourselves with a tough opponent for operators that they already had a presence in this market. The offer of the virtual stands out thanks offer a giga in all their options when rivals often include less data (even only 100 megabytes) in the lowest bids where the independent operator offers 50 minutes and a giga.

Also MASMOV! L to have coverage of Jazztel may not reach as many people as Movistar, and by extension Yoigo, but if we can offer one of the best connections in the market of fixed broadband in Spain, megas symmetrical 200 available in the more than 700,000 1.2 million homes with access to Jazztel fiber.

Our conclusion is that MASMOV! He has given a very smart step, Maybe not to attract new customers, although undoubtedly its offering may appeal to many, but if at the time of sealing one of the biggest holes leak out of virtual mobile operators, convergent offers from larger rivals.

No doubt this movement will force to be switched to other rivals of the virtual, whether virtual or operators with own network that look like its offer is at a disadvantage with the MASMOV! L like it more or less offering the yellows its convergent market entry must be reason of joy for users to generate greater competition and concern for his rivals, who will have to revise their offers.