Fashion Show Survey Questions

Autumn-winter 2010/2011 has now begun, even just to see the gray and cold climate that begins to set on Italian cities, especially in the North. To get us a bit ‘up the morale in the face of inexorable end of the summer there is nothing better to think about the trends for next season? So here is the new survey, which investigates the most interesting trends of autumn-winter 2010/2011.What is your style? 

According to a questions and answers site, there are eight styles that we wanted to test with our survey. All you have to do is tell us what you prefer!

  • Animal: it is perhaps the autumn-winter trend par excellence. The mantle of wild animals such as leopard, tiger, zebra and python decorate coats, capes, jackets, bags and even boots.
  • Fur: it seems that we can not do without in the coming months. Even the most combative environmentalist will give in to the charms of a strictly ecological fur, such as that proposed by Chanel.
  • Military: the autumn-winter 2010/2011 want strict women as sergeants or general. The double-breasted jackets are decorated with frogs, a trend that now find ourselves constantly for several seasons.
  • Fifties: many are the fashion houses for the autumn-winter 2010/2011 have decided to actualize the aesthetic canons of the past. The fifties are the most “fashionable decade,” almost makes you look for in attic the old clothes of his grandmother.
  • Scotland: the tartan pattern, in different color combinations, is one of the plots that more often we find in the new collections.
  • A real revival of kilts and bagpipes!
  • Minimal: the winning style for next winter is bare-bones. Regular lines, asymmetrical cuts, with no frills or details that in the long run are likely to be tacky.
  • Lace: sexy and mysterious, the lace triumphs in many collections and even get to decorate bags and shoes. The transparencies are winning especially in the evening, when even accompany the most chaste of the little black dress.
  • Hippie: a tireless traveler who is inspired by the styles and traditions of the places they visit. The woman of next year seems catapulted directly from the seventies of Woodstock and the flower children.