Fishing Rod: Discover the Power of Their Good Management

In fairly frequent occasions I find many fishermen who still prefer to use the hand instead of valuable fishing rod reel (the majority of little experience from the banks). Several times I took the dare me to approach them and ask them the making the decision of fishing reel instead of cane, they almost always respond that by custom, or because they simply don’t know to well manage the fishing rod. In this short article I want to describe to you what are the main advantages that you can get if you learn good management of fishing rod.

There are many advantages that you can get with the fishing rods, but among the most important is undoubtedly the fact to tire the fish of good size quite consistently.

I’ll give a brief example of what I mean…

2 days ago I went fishing with my father here in the city of san juan, in puerto rico. Approximately at 7 pm I took a small jurelito and got it directly live on fishing rod without any lead, so would be easier to the displacement of the live jurelito, and call more attention to potential predators in the area. After about 3 minutes of having him released, he knocked a huge use of 18 lb weight…, what I get is that since he was fishing with a fishing medium action rod and a 15lb fishing line I was able to get the Grand Prize.

Definitely fishing rod helps you to large fish to give its thrust when you start the battle with the, even can do to overcome it even if your thread fishing is of least resistance than the fish that you come out.

Why the use of 18lb not broke my 15lb thread, the answer is simple, because I was working the fish with a fishing rod, and the mere fact that this is used, force that exerts the pointer of the cane to the bend is a very hard barrier to overcome, fish that is that if you are well suited to the management of the cane , hardly you escape any exemplary of good size.

In summary:

The advantages of fishing rod are innumerable with regard to hand reel:

Less mess to draw some good size fish

Stronger fishing thread you have mounted

The fish will get tired faster

You don’t risk that thread you burn your fingers with the strong tironazos of a good-sized fish.

Fishing rod will help you both to take the bait and get the good size fish

I recommend you in a very personal way, if you do not have skills with the fishing rod you start as soon as possible to practice. Once take you the hit it is very simple to work and you’ll see the enormous change that will give your fisheries once begin to implement such attachment.

If you have any questions leave me your comments, are the order always to help you develop you as fisherman experiences