Gear S3: Samsung Launches Smart Watch for the Brazilian Market

With two versions, has suggested retail price for the Samsung R $2,199; device has GPS and sensors to facilitate user routine

Samsung presented the arrival of your smart watch to the Brazilian market. The Gear S3 comes as an option for the luxury market, with suggested retail price of R $2,199. The appliance has the “Classic versions” and “Frontier”, which present differences in the viewfinder and on the bracelet to suit the most varied user profiles.

Back to consumers with bold and sporty, the Gear S3 Frontier offers more details on the circle around the display. On the other hand, the Classic version has minimalist design and suggests a model Executive. According to Samsung, the option was developed manually by experts of the segment.

Samsung Gear S3 account with two versions: Frontier (left) and Classic (right); Watch is water-resistant and dust

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In both versions, the watch features with built-in GPS, to allow users to follow physical activities, and sensors that monitor data related to altitude and air pressure. IP68 certified, the appliance is dust and water resistant in depths of up to 1.5 meter per 30 minute durations of up to.

Specifications, the device has 4 GB of internal memory, 1 GB of RAM and 380 mAh battery, which lasts up to four days with a single charge, according to Samsung. Users can also integrate several products of the company, as the wireless headphones, Gear Icon X, for example.

The device is compatible with thousands of applications, such as Spotify, Uber and Yelp, and dozens custom interfaces. The customization can be done through the bracelets, which can be exchanged for options produced by Samsung or by other companies, since the clock follows the standard 22 mm for the sector.

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To facilitate the day to day user, the Gear S3 brings the functionality Always On, that leaves the display always on, creating the feeling that you’re using an analog clock. The unit also has a feature that allows the user to record voice messages and quickly convert it to text messages. The smart watch is available on Samsung’s official store and major retail chains in the country.