Glowing Safety Bike Light

Riding with glowing lights reduces the number of victims of accidents in winter. It shows statistics of traffic police for the past five years, when the country acts mandatory driving with lights from November 1st to March 1st.

According to eBicyclelights, 307 people are killed in road accidents on average during the four months of autumn and winter in Bulgaria in the period 1990-2010 average number of victims dropped to 259, or 15.5% in the 5-year period after November 1, 2006, when you enter the obligation to drive the lamp. A 5.5% decrease was reported victims over the previous five years – from 2001 to 2006.

Traffic police reminded that the fine for improper use of lights is 20 to 150 lev, if that infringement has led to a risk of catastrophe.

November 1 – Tuesday, light the lights! The call is the traffic police to all drivers. Because traffic policemen are convinced – with flashing lights on cars killed in crashes decreased.

A slight movement of cars, tractors, motorcycles, bicycles, carts, pedestrians, lower speeds and careful driving in fog on icy roads. These are some of the well-known reasons why victims on highways decreased in winter. But many do not know that after the introduction of mandatory driving with lights from November 1 to March 1, here are prevented hundreds of accidents.

307 people died in Bulgaria during the cold months on average for the period 1990-2010, the statistics shows the traffic police (see tables in the gallery). The trend number killed to decline increases after 2006 when our Law on Road Traffic (ZDvP) recorded text for mandatory glowing headlights. Thus, from November 2006 to February 2011 the average value of those killed in crashes becomes 259 to 274 for the previous Five-Year Plan (2001-2006).

The data speak for themselves – namelenieto is 5.5% for 5 years and 15.5% for 20 years. The difference is even more significant considering the fact that since 1990 in our cars increased by 20% and motorists – by 10 percent.


Driving lights not only in fog, rain or snow, and even on a sunny day, giving extra reaction time of drivers and pedestrians because cars are visible from afar.

Headlights “capture” retro-reflecting elements of signs, road signs, bicycles, carts and so on. Explain the experts. Therefore, every 4-5 years ago Bulgarian leader was obliged to wear the boot safety vests and dress her up if he had to stop to repair the road.

Across Europe driving with headlights on is recommended, and in over 20 countries – required during the winter season or throughout the year. The first country to introduce mandatory lights is Sweden in 1967. For several years, the European Union is preparing a directive for year-round driving with headlamps in the EU, taking into account the opinion of experts that only measure a year can be saved the lives of more than 2,500 Europeans.

The fine – from 20 to 150 lev

If the driver forgets to include the lights of the car and be stopped by traffic policemen, it can get 20 lev fine on the joint text for violation of the law. You can get rid of just slip. But if traffic policemen consider that due to the non-inclusion headlights created a risk of catastrophe, then the penalty is much more serious – from 20 to 150 lev and cut 5 points from the control coupon. Required writes act and the size of the amount is determined by the head of traffic police in the area in which it is registered driver.

“Many people have become accustomed to driving on the fog in the winter, so the violations of mandatory provision for the period November 1 to March 1 are fewer,” says the “Traffic Police”.

Hot dispute began last winter that Bulgarian drivers can make only “daytime running lights” (b. P. – Known as DTRL DTR or the abbreviation DayTime Running Lamp), or must include headlights.

Several global automobile concern already produce models that DTR is automatically switched to the ignition system and thus go out with him. At the same time, the market there are companies that offer a “daytime running lights” for additional installation in the car. There are different types and DTR – some shining points, others – no, some have thin eyebrows around the headlights, others are more massive.

From the police explained that in art. 70 of the Law on Road Traffic, which regulates driving a fog in the period November 1 to March 1, stipulates that cars must “necessarily move with lights for daytime or low beam.”

Obviously DTR are “lights daytime running” if someone is fined that leads only to them, may appeal to the court. However, traffic policemen have adopted tactics fined for DTR only if the “DRL” are not set by the factory and stored in the documents of the car. In their appeal, the argument is that if you are additionally installed, the owner of the car must go to him for review in “Technotest” and to obtain a license for DTR, but such cases are rare.