Google Puts More Close to The Dream of The Translation of Conversations in Real Time

Update: The application of the Google Translator Android is being updated to the version 3.1 to receive the translation of conversations and images in real time along with its redesign to Material Design. The update will come form staggered to all users, but who does not want to wait to test their news can download the APK.

Although escapes no one that his translations are still far from being perfect, Google Translate one of the applications is Star the search engine company. At Google they do, and why they have decided to vitaminarla with new features that we have been waiting for since they met last December.

In this way, in the next few days will be released a new version of Translate for Android and iOS that will feature innovations like the instant translation of texts in books or signs using the camera of your mobile phone, or translation mode for voice, which will be especially useful for when we are talking to people who do not understand our language.

Word Lens instant translation

One of the most important implementations in the new Translate will be the Word Lens, that will allow us to translate to 36 languages any text or signal with which we find ourselves. To do this, we will only have to apoint to it with your mobile phone camera, and the translation will appear automatically on your screen.

This utility It can be used without Internet connection, so it will be as useful as Google promises to use it abroad, where normally we don’t have access to our data connection. Instant translation will start recognizing the English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, although the list will be expanded over time.

Translate for conversations

Although Google already provided to Translate a conversation mode in real time from 2013, this functionality has been improved to make it more fluid, fast and natural. This will get it because now Translate will be able of automatically recognize two languages that are being used in a conversation.

In this way, two people can communicate without so many stops and interruptions, which will save time and, let us not fool ourselves, it will make us be more willing to use the application. In addition, once recognized languages, the application stays active one after the first conversation to you be so easy again to ask someone else for that address both are you resisting.

With this move, Google does not lose bellows in the race by achieve an optimal instant translation, in which Microsoft introduced breakthroughs last month with the launch of Skype Translator, who gave to your application translations videoconferences in real time.

Translator of Google version varies depending on the device

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