Is a Constant Change of Bait Recommended?

This question is perhaps something controversial, opinions can be very variable regarding the correct use of the bait at a given time; or if you must actually continue placing the bait, you should try to make effective changes. I’m going to explain, according to my point of view, what I recommend on this particular issue. I say in advance that it could be a “two-edged weapon”, why?, let me talk to you about…

Personally, on a day of fishing, regularly I always carry with me several types of bait; With details on, this logically includes natural and artificial bait. The use of these baits have them first depending on the species you are looking for to capture; is very important to this point…, nothing is worth the diversity of bait you have if you don’t actually know that fish went fishing…; give me a break, I explain with an example..: imagine that sales of fishing thinking capturing NEEDLEFISHES, in advance and you must know that if you cast your hook with worms and thoroughly… BECAUSE NO CAPTURARAS NI one only!, therefore here the change of earthworm sardine for bait is entirely necessary, because your focus then turns to the agujon specific, I’ll understanding?… OK.

From another point of view, if on your day of fishing you’re making good catches by launching your hook with squid or Octopus bait, most indicated in this case is that not change your bait until it stops itching,…, at the exact moment that the frequency of bites has already decreased by 70%, is time to make the relevant change of your bait to another; or otherwise wait at least 1 hour, making engodes in the area, and then d this time restart sets with the same bait.

Something similar happens with the artificial baits; You should definitely use them depending on the species you are looking for capture, pens for cojinuas, rapalas for striped bass and Shad, mackerel spoons and civilian, artificial worms for trout, and so on. However, with the artificial bait, I do recommend you change frequently, because until you do not find the exact depending on the substance and the colouring of the water, you should not make constant changes.

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