Jazztel Ensures That You Have Access to 4 G of Orange before The End of 2014 Network

As of the virtual mobile operators and the 4G in Spain it seems a never-ending story. And is that to the passivity of the CNMC, nor a single statement about it, any virtual account so far with 4G coverage, the initial refusal of all operators with own network to give access to this, which has led already known Pepephone movement.

But now it is Jazztel What gives a step forward ensuring that before the end of this year it will feature 4 G, thanks to an agreement with Orange which maintains the virtual, which was renovated just months ago and which then included the possibility that Jazztel could access the 4 G network of the French operator already.

While all operators with own network feature 4G from last year none of the virtual serve which they have access. Statements or explanations environment to the because of this they have been scarce, having been Vodafone the clearest one, which at the time said that it would open its 4 G to the virtual when you have available the the 800 MHz band.

All this has led to that Pepephone decided to pack heading to Telstra, that if offers you access to its 4G, but not before reporting to Vodafone for an alleged breach of contract. But which seems that it will have it easier Jazztel, which ensures that before the end of 2014 you will have access to 4 G of Orange.

Included in the renewal of the agreement

At the end of 2013 Jazztel and Orange renewed the agreement whereby the second lends their coverage at the first renewal in which Jazztel announced that you included the possibility of access to 4G, although no date by then. Now nor is it that it has been dated, but at least we know that it will be this year.

Despite the announcement, José Miguel García, Managing Director of Jazztel, added that the 4G is not a maximum need. Currently the company employs nearly 1.2 million mobile lines and more than 1.4 million connections fixed, with convergent offering 63% penetration, what did you capture in 2013 more than 800,000 mobile lines.