Jazztel Promotes Its Saving 100 Pack Giving Away Two Mobile Lines Forever

Convergent offerings continue to be one of the main factors that helps attract and retain customers by what is becoming routine that many of the improvements that present operators, are aimed in this sense, especially this month of March that just start it already have known new proposals of Movistar, an agreement of MÁSMOVIL to offer ADSL and fiber of Jazztel and a new promotion in which Jazztel includes a second mobile line free its savings pack.

On the basis of which the price of a ADSL Jazztel up to 30 Mbps with line fee and VAT costs 42.28 euros and its saving pack adds a mobile line free with 100 minutes and 100 MB rate since it premiered its first offer convergent, novelty this month releasing Jazztel promotional way for new customers to add one second line with the same Flatrate 100 without cost Forever.

A good way to attract the attention of users that consume less and that is as well running him at Jazztel because it also allows to migrate to tariff with unlimited minutes and 1 GB by 12.10 euros more per month. Without a doubt, the year arises more than interesting if it maintains the pace of developments in converged offerings that has begun…