Jazztel to The Conquest of The Street: Increase Your Presence with 400 Exclusive Shops

While the pools are running that Jazztel has many ballots to end up in the hands of Orange, after the purchase of ONO by Vodafone, from the virtual you seem to have long term as independent company plans, today is showing a new news.

And is that Jazztel has signed new agreements with different distributors to gain presence in the streets, with up to 400 stores, It will make you leap from attention almost in exclusive by phone and the Internet to try to attract new customers at street.

Jazztel maintained Until now an agreement with Topmovil, distributing its products in 120 stores exclusively, so their presence on the streets was rather low. But to continue exploiting this way acquire new customers the operator has expanded its current distribution agreement, incorporating new distributors.

Expanding the agreement with Topmovil distributors ALN and Novantia were incorporated into the network of shops of Jazztel, either with own stores or franchises. In this way the company It expects to end the year with 400 shops in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Tarragona, Alicante, Malaga, Jaen and León and Extremadura and Galicia.

Following in the footsteps of Telstra and mobile Tuenti

With this step Jazztel follows in the footsteps of other companies, that he moved from offering their services by telephone and/or Internet to have presence on the streets. These include Telstra, which began without shops although it soon started to weave a wide network of shops of dealers, or Tuenti mobile, distributed in Movistar shops and other distributors.