Jazztel Will Compensate Customers with Five Admitted Euros in The Fall of Your Network Account

UPDATE: Finally Jazztel will enter directly in the bank accounts of their customers before 25 March the five euros by clearing lines.

Alarms jumped yesterday at noon. Mobile customers of Jazztel they saw how he communicated by calling your phone and data connection did not work. We could immediately see as different social networks were full of messages of these complaining about precisely short service outage.

Not was until well into the night, rising first voice service and then data not without partial interruptions of through, when service was restored completely. Jazztel at all times kept informed its customers and in addition said that it would compensate them, compensation now announcing, well above that forces law.

Jazztel will offset all clients automatically with 5 Euro discount on your next Bill five euros for lines that you will enter in your bank accounts before March 25. Which is half of the share of the tariff for main lines with unlimited calls and compensation that is much higher than what the law, forcing operators to compensate with the average consumption of hours of interruption.

First massive impact on your network

Jazztel after deeply regret the inconvenience by the interruption of the service explains that this is the first time that he suffers a massive fall in its network. The problem was in the core network platform service provided and managed by Ericsson for Jazztel, having nothing to do with Orange, network operator that provides coverage to the virtual.

The operator also wanted to point out that in the last six months It has invested more than eight billion euros in the expansion of its mobile network. An investment motivated above all by the growing number of customers of Jazztel, which after more than doubling its number of customers in 2013 has now 1.165.504 mobile lines.