LED Fluorescent – Light Miracle With Outweighed

The own solar system must be not equal to save power.Much can be effect even with effective lighting. In particular in offices and industrial buildings, which are often still using old fluorescent tubes. There’s something better also for this long: the fluorescent lamp.

Fluorescent Tube Vs. LED Tubes-The Most Important Comparison Criteria

  • Energy costs:Conventional fluorescent tubes are almost as bad with the power guzzlers, such as the now banned bulbs. Replaced by the LED counterpart, Save up to 65% of the current cost, and that already from the first day. Because while a 150 cm long fluorescent tube of old type needs around 65W/h, a such needs LED 20W/h for the same brightness just once. The average is the CO2Reduction of 600 g/kWh.
  • Life:The fluorescent lamp has with up to 50,000 hours a much longer service life than conventional fluorescent lamps. T8-Halophosphat lamps come at a conventional control gear (CCG) just to 6,000 to 8,000 hours. More modern T5 and T8 phosphor fluorescent lamps achieve a commercial Flash duration of 15,000 and the electronic ballast (EVG) a low-loss (VVG) ballasts a lifetime of 25,000 hours.
  • Maintenance costs:Maintenance costs can be reduced effectively through the use of LED tubes. Last but not least, because No ballast or Starter required LED tubes, increase the power and error-proneness. In addition, they are hardly hot.
  • Health:Fluorescent lamps with electronic or conventional ballast produce a broadband, high-frequency radiation and submit it to the environment. This can interfere with other radio signals. In addition, the impact of smog on the health is concern.
  • Installation:LED tubes, however, have either IR or UV radiation. In addition, they require No ballast, but can be connected directly to the 230 volt power supply. This eliminates also the annoying hum when you turn – which in turn saves a lot of power. Also, they are now bright and not flicker.
  • Viewing angle:The beam angle for LED fluorescent tubes is usually 120 °. Thus, almost the total luminous flux is towards the workplace, while conventional fluorescent tubes extremely inefficient use 2/3 of the luminous flux.
  • Environment:The disposal of traditional fluorescent lamps is given their high, for man and the environment schädlichenQuecksilbergehalts as highly problematic. LED lamps are, however, free from mercury.

Unbeatable Service Life, Energy-Saving And Lighting Performance-The Fluorescent Lamp

LED fluorescent tubes can easily replace conventional fluorescent tubes in halls, sales and office space or car parks and are a real alternative in the living area. T8 G13 LED fluorescent tubes are there now in warm white, neutral white and Daylight White, as well as in different sizes (60, 90, 120 and 150 cm).

, By the way: Switching on LED fluorescent tubes is supported by KfW by interest discounted loan.Since this usually more than the required 60% energy be saved, can benefit from promoting public institutions.