Lingeries for Pregnant Women: We Teach You How to Choose!

Choosing the right lingerie for pregnant women is crucial to ensure the comfort and health of the future mother who lives great changes in the body.But who said that lingerie for pregnant women must always be traditional, colorless and feminine?

We have prepared a selection of tips to show you that it is possible to reconcile comfort, well-being, femininity and your desire to feel beautiful during this special moment of pregnancy.

Check out how to choose the perfect lingerie for you!Come on?

Lingeries for pregnant women: what can and can not

It is no wonder that moms need some special care and with lingerie would be no different.The ideal lingerie for pregnant women should follow some recommendations from Get to know some of them:

  • The bras should be comfortable and have a rimless or cotton bib, to avoid damaging the breast and not damaging the milk producing glands;
  • One should avoid lingeries of synthetic fabrics, which can provoke allergies and fungal proliferation.The most suitable are cotton ;
  • Very small panties should also be avoided, as they do not give the necessary support, and may favor tissue rupture;

All these recommendations, however, do not mean that the ideal solution for pregnant women are those huge, uncut, pastel-colored granny lingo.

Today, there are already several models of lingerie, especially for pregnant women , with good cuts and still value the body and new curves of women.These lingerie can come in different colors, with lace and everything else the pregnant woman deserves – of course, not to mention the most important: comfort and care with your changing body.

Discover the best lingerie models for pregnant women and find out how to choose the right one for you!

Panties for pregnant women

High waist

Many pregnant women, in the second trimester on, prefer this type of lingerie, as it ensures comfort and support for the belly, which is already very heavy.

Doll panties

The bikini and doll panties are great choices for those moms who prefer smaller and smaller underwear.You can use and abuse the colors, prints and lace in this model and feel more beautiful every day.Give preference to those made of cotton and polyamide, as they avoid the risk of allergies.

Anatomical models

For moms who do not give up on novelties, models of lingerie for pregnant women with anatomical cutouts on the belly are already available, which avoid the hassle and guarantee sustentation.

Tip:Some lingerie models for pregnant women are indicated for each phase of pregnancy, so it is best to shop with weight gain and measurements.

Breastfeeding bras

The ideal bra for pregnant women is the one that gives support to the breasts, which, in turn, are growing and getting more volume each day.Therefore, it is important that you have wide, adjustable straps.In the postpartum period, there are good specific options for breastfeeding.

Tip:from the beginning of gestation, the breasts undergo major transformations. Therefore, it is essential that women leave their tight bras, prioritizing special ones for pregnant women from the beginning of pregnancy.

More than leaving beautiful, the perfect lingerie is one that prioritizes your comfort during this important moment.Your health is always in the first place!

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