MASMOV! L E Ibercom Joined Forces in a Unique Operator, Follow The Concentrations

And he sprang the surprise. If a week ago rumors that came to us one of the top shareholders of MASMOV! L I was thinking about leaving the company, made that since the operator hurried to deny, today we received a completely unexpected news and going on line purchase of ONO by Vodafone.

MASMOV! L and Ibercom, company dedicated to telecommunications services to professionals, they have decided to join forces creating the resulting MASMOV! L Ibercom SA, which will be the third Spanish operator that quote in stock market, already makes Ibercom the MAB, and will attack both the private sector and the companies.

It makes just two days MASMOV! L had very positive results. Their income had increased to 17 million euros, primarily by the increased consumption of customer data, while EBITDA dropped 2.3 million euro positive data. Figures showing that despite its size the operator It could operate as an independent company.

But all operators are aware that the near future happen making strong, in a market where the number of players is called to be reduced. That is why MASMOV! L, the best known, and Ibercom, dedicated to the business so far and listed, they have decided to not stay unemployed and will join forces after the approval of their merger by their general boards.

Chaired by Meinrad Ehmann

The President of the company resulting from the union, which will take different MASMOV! L Ibercom will be Meinrad Spenger, current CEO of MASMOV! L now, the shareholders, with more than 32%, they will be José Poza and Luis Villar, maximum shareholders Ibercom. The founders of the virtual, Meinrad and Christian Nyborg will have more than 7% of the capital while several funds managed by Inveready will have more than 11% of the company.

Both parties have been satisfied by the union, although press release addressed to the media only collects data environment to the numbers of fusion, so it We will try to get you everything to do with the situation of existing customers, if we will see significant improvements or when we will see the leasing of smartphones that announced MASMOV! You can leave any doubt that you may have and you want that we send in the comments.