MÁSMOVIL Will Offer Payment by Instalments with Leasing According to Advances in Its Financial Results

Today MÁSMOVIL He has presented the best financial results in its history at which they closed the year 2013 with a growth of 15% and revenue of EUR 17 million with an EBITDA of 2.3 million which help to consolidate its position in the market.

With regard to 2012, the data consumption has increased by 146% and the 21% voice minutes, still today most of these of postpaid. In addition, since the first year in 2008, the company’s revenues have grown 50% while first 2014 data show that the addition of new customers is at record levels, what is encouraging MÁSMOVIL to continue with the transformation of the last months.

MÁSMOVIL bet for being a solid and independent alternative

To become a solid alternative, MÁSMOVIL has begun to adapt to the latest market needs so as well as flexibility in rate setting or the possibility of hiring a converged offering ADSL or fiber, the operator has advanced that also It will facilitate the acquisition of leasing mode Smartphone.

Although it already sold from mobile 2010 free on its website, MÁSMOVIL is also working to offer their customers access to Smartphones that can pay in monthly installments along with your rates more a final payment if you wish to stay with the mobile property or free of charge if you return it to the operator, such as the recent model released by Yoigo.

This will be a step in the direction to consolidate itself as one of the? vital independent operators for the competitive future in telecommunications in a sector in which after the purchase of ONO by Vodafone, are expected concentrations of operators or believe that the MVNO will begin to prepare to be absorbed in the medium term?