Massimo Dutti “Special Days”: More Ideas to Dress This Christmas

Now we take a look a couple of days to Topman proposals for Christmas. It is clear that this time is a business for firms that take advantage of and they take their party capsule collections, oriented to wear during the celebrations, with most of velvet, blazers and suits than in other occasions.

The latest to join the fashion has been Massimo Dutti, that under the name of Special Days, it has taken a selection of garments aimed precisely at that, to the special days ahead and the different looks that can help us to dress properly, with class and elegance to save the occasion.

Sincerely, what we like most of their proposals is that even being Masismo Dutti, we already know how it spends on the topic label and tailoring, this time It offers very fresh proposals, with various shades and colour ranges and play much with the conjunto-capa and add-ins, which relaxes in outfit quite and allows us to take advantage of a time move on Christmas (forget to do it with a satin in Burgundy blazer)

Costumes can be of two types: either a two-piece Pant and jacket, is that dispenses with the prints as the PATA de gallo, Spike or the Welsh box and is committed to a rigorous chromatic monotony to match the jacket and with add-ins.

The other option, for more special occasions, is opt for a three piece that incorporates vest. Yet still not as formal as it is played with the grays, blacks and whites and thanks to footwear or accessories (seems that this year the bow tie loses prominence) got not to appear a few authentic carcass dressing.