Matteo Molinari Spring-Summer 2013: Sartorial Daring and to The Point

The Italian designer based in London Matteo Molinari, It is not a designer to use. His background has nothing to do with the world of textile manufacturing – formed in communication and also studied philosophy – but after trying your luck in the design of handbags, decided to move to the United Kingdom and to focus on the male clothing.

At the moment, it seems that things are going quite well, and is that with this his second collection with the proposals for spring-summer 2013, Apparently, it has gotten into the pockets to many bigwigs of the specialized press. Let’s their collections have fallen in grace, and it is that view is, the Italian has, apart from good taste, a sense of the particular aesthetic and with lots of personality. His fashion is not for everyone, that is also clear.

Clean minimal essence silhouettes

Very refined sets, clean and in principle pretty sober. This is the general trend of a collection that is mainly like the sartorial garment. Costumes of close-fitting silhouette with punched details at the lapels the American, combined with smooth shirts, in the more discreet outfits & #8230;

… interspersed with looks much more of tendency that combine pants high leg of generous cut archery (greatly exaggerated), a set with Parties top knitted cotton, thick parts but at the same time Lightweight thanks to the puff plot of them.

And it is precisely the point, is another of the key elements of the proposal. Bulky sweaters boat necks, Sleeve sweaters three-quarters, a colorful set of Cardigan with tie game (which could well be the new twin-set,), or an oversize jersey with cowl neck, to name a few of these items to the point.

The part more boho-chic is composed by styles of certain Eastern air, in that long coolie camisoles – made in a blend of cotton and linen fabric – are combined with ultra wide leg pants game in the same material.

Flat colors and accents in reddish tones

In terms of the colour palette, the designer opts for flat and very neutral tones. The binomial and white, oil, toasting, beige. To which is added the intense accents in colors as the Bordeaux, the eggplant or the Red Raspberry.

The icing on the cake; few accessories but very well-chosen

Few accessories that uses, that Yes, very well chosen put the final touch of style. Thus, for example, highlights the wide-brimmed felt hats that you emphasize the Bohemian. The sunglasses with braided chains, or the Velvet bow-ties in to the looks of the dinner jacket as a key pledge night.

In short, a conceptual collection than not impossible, some total looks very wearable and inspiring (the suit), and other more complicated (it’s eastern air) if well, could be adapted to carry on the street. Of course, to be the second collection complete Matteo Molinari is not bad. We will continue to track this promising young male design that, of course, already suggests ways and very good.