Mix of Rings Is Fixed Hit the Fashionistas

It would be a lie to call new fashion of wearing several rings combined in the same hand (and both at the same time).

What is featured in this case is precisely the fact that trend didn’t miss the post between the It Girls and Fashionistas around the world, even in the face of so many other news and trends that have emerged over the past few years.

In High In Winter

They did succeed in the summer (and not only in that, in several others), but in the winter, they get special attention since the hands are one of the few parts of the body that are on display all the time and bracelets, anklets and necklaces can get even more hidden because of fri the.


Can be Maxi or Mini, have zircônias or flat, pedrarias, normal size or phalanx, gold, silver, rodhium, steel or biju, personal taste determines which style will prevail in the combinations.


The coolest of this trend, is that you can mix not only the jewels but also the styles, like for example, put a delicate ring of phalanx with a turquoise or pink maxi and complement with an edgier model, like a shield on one of the fingers.


If you feel like but haven’t found the inspiration to join the “Lady of the Rings”, you can search by names like Beyonce, Gisele Bundchen, Rihanna, Yasmin Brunet and many others, including bloggers and youtubers who are always bringing new forms of use the trends in your favor.


Among the most rings used in the mixes are the flange rings , the rings with zircônias in the Middle, Alliance style skulls pocked and rings double and triple rooms.

Hearts, crosses, wreaths, points of light and fringe contrast with great elegance with maxi rings with large stones, with Grandma’s heritage air.

Complete productions with Italian bracelets or bracelets and watches that “talk” with the rings and ready, you are super, perfect for pushing the trend.