Mobile Tuenti Finally Arrived to The Canary Islands

Mobile Tuenti It has always had very interesting rates, seeing the light in your day with the cheaper giga both on prepaid contract, although now it has been surpassed by other virtual. But residents in the Canary Islands always looked enviously social network fees, since the operator did not service its inhabitants.

But after a long time of waiting Tuenti Mobile has finally announced that the Canaries may be made with a SIM card, either in form of contract or prepaid, specifically attending one of the 140 stores Movistar from tomorrow it will distribute cards social network operator.

Canaries always looked askance Tuenti mobile rates because the operator did not allow high of persons that were residing in the Canary Islands. But after two years of waiting, it will be starting tomorrow When finally can go to a store Movistar (the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 77 and 63 in the province of Las Palmas) to get a contract or prepaid SIM card.

Rate a giga and zero cents per minute call has a monthly fee of 6.41 euros per month tax included, rate a giga and 75 minutes 9.5 euros and 1.5 gigabytes and 150 minutes 15.92 euros. Therefore of wanting to acquire a card prepaid with one of the two first rates of the SIM will cost 12 euros and with the highest rate 18 euros. The cost of the first monthly fee will be deducted available the remainder as the balance.