MobilR Lowers Its Convergent Offerings and Will Offer Unlimited Minutes with 1.5 GB for 24 Euros

After hearing news of the Millicom Asturian telecable, today is the Millicom Galician mobilR which puts the icing on the cake welcoming to new rates with unlimited minutes and lowering your combos with fiber they will be available from March 20, 2014 and that they arrive after the rest of improvements of the past few weeks in which we saw a rounding of fares to include the VAT with several improvements, a new system of payment to mobile terms and the arrival of new bonds of extra data for those who want to sail at full speed.

Some improvements that as usual they apply both to existing customers of such fees and to new, highlighting how the flat rates from 24 euros per pass including unlimited minutes (before 1000 minutes) while keeping the rest of conditions for only mobile customers.

In terms of fixed and mobile convergent combos, mobilR gives a new boost to its offer of fiber to 100 and 200 Megs with sales of about 6-8 euro per month respectively included in the modalities with mobile. Combos with fiber to 10 and 20 MB do not suffer variation in its current price so the complete range of fiberglass mobilR speeds will be divided into four steps of speed with 6 euros of difference between each of them.

All the details after the mobilR improvements It has been incorporated in recent weeks is follows including VAT in all cases: