Netflix in Denmark Drawers Hideously-We Have Tested

Netflix has landed in Denmark but what do you get for 79 dollars a month, we’ve seen a closer look at the new service.

Netflix has just landed on the Danish market with free playback of movies and Tv series for 79 dollars a month.

With the service, you can view all available content, when and where it should be, the content is always available and streamed via an internet connection.

One of the service’s strengths is the amount of platforms from which it is possible to view the content that is available.
In the United States where Netflix has been present for a long time, have the Americans for a lower amount per month, than the Danes, a gigantic wealth of films and television series, a Committee in the Danish edition of Netflix cannot cope with, and we have looked at.

Competition from the start

At the same time, with the launch of Netflix in Denmark has VIAPLAY, which has been available for a longer period of time, chosen to put their subscription price of 99 dollars to 79 dollars a month in order to better compete with Netflix.

This means a strengthening of the competition from the outset, therefore, the price is also not decisive for the service you select.

Both services provider movies and Tv series and both services are available on a wide range of attractive platforms.

So the question is whether Netflix can offer Danes, something like VIAPLAY also can not offer?

We have found a selection of 10 films from both home and abroad and searched for them on VIAPLAY and Netflix.

An “X” in table below means that the service has the specified film available.

Movies and vintage Netflix VIAPLAY
Amageddon 1998 X X
My sister’s kids 2012 X
Spiderman 2004 X
Inception 2010 X
The Black Madonna 2007 X X
Blue Men 2008 X
Pearl Harbor 2001 X
Clown (series) X
Transformers 2007 X
Scream 1996 X


Disappointing content and additional costs

Both services are performing according to our small test very well, both have a wide range of options to view the available content on several platforms and it makes services more useful in everyday life.

But through our search for well-known films, was the Committee simply too small. We had to search in vain several times, great classics like Titanic, Top Gun and Dirty Dancing was not available on the services, and it was all too often that we got an empty or meaningless result.

And then there is just extra costs with VIAPLAY, for here we would be allowed to see Dirty Dancing, if only we paid a lump sum at 29 dollars, so an extra cost after paying the 79 dollars for the subscription.

So not only do the supply of both VIAPLAY and Netflix is far from what you would expect, so can you with VIAPLAY might also had to pay extra to view the desired film.

Conclusion – not good enough

If we are right now sitting and looking forward to trying out Netflix service, so keep again with expectations, the Committee is simply too limited and can not catch up with the US.

Our quest for good klassik makers took a long time, simply because the vast majority of films, was not available on some platforms.

And there is one thing that is more important than the cost of such services, so is the content. Even though the price had been 49 crowns a month, so it had not helped on the disappointment, there is simply too great.

It is useless you maybe ask now?

No it is not, for the services it has a nice selection of exciting films, with many hours of entertainment and good opportunities to take the content with on-the-go, there’s just too little of a good thing, too much of the former and not enough of the new.

It will be exciting for both services in the near future can expand their catalog, and made services more up-to-date as well as at the level of services abroad.