New Samsung S6 Teaser: Full Steam Ahead

New video from Samsung pokes a new direction for Samsung’s upcoming topmobil: minor sports, more power.

Samsung’s upcoming darling will release horsepower loose so you can come rapidly forward. That’s what a new campaign video promises, ahead of Samsung unpacked event at this year’s MWC mobile messei Barcelona. Here, it is expected that Samsung will present S-topmobilen for 2015.

A successful teaser-video should leave something to the imagination, and that is exactly what Samsung is doing in the short clips under the hash tag #The Next Galaxy. Despite the vague formulations such as “The Faster I am, the more that gets done“, followed by “the more time I can give two others” can be inferred anything about the upcoming toptelefon.

Read between the lines suggest Samsung to performance again will be on the agenda, in contrast to last year’s Samsung Galaxy S5 where Gigahertz-race and processor specs not filled much in Samsung’s advertising catalogues.

The video concludes with a lightning bolt logo, which suggests that current technology also will get an overhaul. Whether or not it should konkrettiseres with extra large battery or wireless ladeteknologi we get to see at the official launch of a week and a half.

What we know about the Galaxy S6

It matches the current rumors about S6, which is expected to get its own newly-developed Exynos 7420 processor. The processor will set it a notch above the fast Snapdragon 805 CPU in Note 4 and therefore it will set it two generations ahead of last year’s Galaxy S5.

The many forces must at the same time we harness of a new lightweight version of TouchWiz interface. This will supposedly abhor abundance of features in favor of a simpler and faster user interface.

Same course towards minimalism will observe in the upcoming design, as both will appear more simply and more exclusive materials such as glass and lightweight metal. Whether it is at the same time would mean a farewell to S5’erens sports package with waterproof design and heart rate monitor is not known yet.

Samsung promises in addition, even the camera is developing on the upcoming S6’er. Here sticks more tracks out, with some pointing to a boost in the number of megapixels to 20MP, while others instead points to optical image stabilization as in Note 4 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Finally, you should not count on a, but rather two topmobiler from the South Koreans. A curved Galaxy S Edge has already been strongly suggested in the invitation to the Unpacked event where Samsung will show forårskollektionene.

Unpacked will take place on Sunday 28th February at 6.30 pm Danish time. Our site will be on the stain in order to follow the launch up close.