Nokia Portugal Speaks of The Arrival of The Nokia Lumia 900

We have no doubt that the Nokia Lumia 900 is a variation of the 800 Lumia, which comes in handy to the market, since it has a larger size of screen and front-facing camera, following trends, but at the same time preserving great design of your brother’s range.

Originally introduced to the American market, we are waiting for information about their output in Europe, that logically we must forget the LTE connectivity, which premiered on the other side of the Atlantic.

The division of Nokia in Portugal gives us some more information to answer one user on his official Facebook that the phone also hit the Portuguese market. We interpret that to the rest of Europe.

We are aware that social networks are a dangerous place to take information, but is the own Nokia which has a note in which ensures that all pages are rigorously validated and corrected when necessary.

We believe that the Nokia Lumia 900 can operate in the market even better than his little brother, and must share with you the rumor that there could be a variant with 12 megapixel for another American carrier, and would be nice to also go well for Europe.