Nokia Starts to Distribute The Update That Solves The Problems of Lumia 800 Battery

In last December, Nokia announced it would release an update of the 800 Lumia to solve the problems with the battery. By then several users complained that the terminal could not load at all. The first revision of the software did not correct the problem of autonomy and is expected, now yes, it is corrected.

Nokia has begun to distribute the update which will come in a staggered fashion. It is expected, as they have on their official blog, half of the users to receive this new version in the first week and that the next do the rest. In addition to the fault in the battery will be improved WiFi connectivity.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has also released an update for Windows Phone 7.5 (Build 8107) that solves a few problems. The most important novelty: avoid that the keyboard disappears while we use the device as normal. These two reviews are independent so they come individually.

Once update comes in the terminal, We have to connect to Zune (if you have Windows) or Windows Phone 7 Connector (if we have Mac) to perform the entire process. Remember that it is distributing little by little for what it may take a few days to arrive.