Nokia’s Map to Save Lives in the Future

Map data from HERE-the service must, in future, help to ensure that cars can automatically respond to the traffic ahead.

Car manufacturers around the world are working hard on a future which must ensure the self-propelled cars. However, we should not expect an extended cruise control, which is ready to take over the steering wheel during 2014.

However, Nokia has announced on their website that they prolong their cooperation with Continental, and that their HERE-the service must help to create the new Electronic Horizon platform.

Already in September, the company announced that they went in cooperation with various automakers, among others, Mercedes, to contribute with map data for a smarter car in the future.

Electronic Horizon goes in all its simplicity to make the car more intelligent. The technology is to be able to balance the car’s location down to 10-20 cm precision. It is also possible for future cars, responding to changing speed limits, signs of overtaking-prohibited and similar.

In other words, it is the idea that front-facing cameras on the car can manipulate these data, and convert the image into real actions. A picture of the road could be used when a hybrid-car must calculate how electricity and fuel consumption make the best use of, and there is no doubt that it all requires a precise map data that is updated automatically.

“HERE is uniquely positioned to deliver the highly accurate and always-updated 3D maps and cloud services needed to enable such an experience,” says Ogi Redzic, who is Vice President of Connected Driving.

On Youtube there are several videos that confirms that the self-propelled cars tested in real life. The vision would also Nokia apparently, being a large part of.