Now You Can Take 50 MP Photos with OnePlus One [Tip]

Take pictures in 50 megapixel and achieve better quality with a modified app to your OnePlus One: see how you are doing here.

OnePlus one’s 13 megapixel camera is already good, but now you can make it even better.

A developer from has made it possible to use the camera from Color US, which is the manufacturer OPPO’s customized version of Android.At the same time, it is also the operating system, such as One using OnePlus in China.

Kameraappen from Color OS contains many interesting features, which you must do without in the edition of OnePlus One sold to Denmark. But now you can therefore test it and, among other things, taking pictures in a resolution of all 8160 x 6120 pixels corresponding to 50 megapixels.

The app itself is very simple, but it is through the 17 optional plugins, to the exciting happening: ranging from the normal as HDR, macro, panorama, night mode, but also the more special as RAW photography, double exposure, GIF mode and of course super zoom, as is the 50 megapixel resolution. There is, however, a limitation on a Max. 5 plugins at a time.

View the difference between images in 13 and 50 megapixel has tested the new app from Color US and made a comparison. We have photographed a motif in both 13 and 50 megapixels, after which a small area of the images selected in 100% zoomed mode. Here comes the difference really forward, where sharpness is much better and the fine details appear clearer on the image with four times higher resolution.

With follows that also saw that the images takes up over 3 times as much as normal. Whether it is worth it, you can find out by testing the app through the steps below.

How do you get the camera on your OnePlus One

  1. Go to Developer’s thread onxda-developers
  2. Scroll down to “Download Camera” and download the camera from one of the three links
  3. Scroll down to the “Plugins” below and download “URSuperzoom-HDCamera.apk” from one of the two links
  4. Transfer the two. apk files to your OnePlus One or take step 1-3 right on your phone
  5. You will be greeted with a message telling you to allow installations from unknown sources.Then simply click on “Settings” and enter checkmarks in the “allow installation of apps from unknown sources”.Please be aware that it is your own responsibility to install apps outside of Google Play, for it entails a risk to install malicious apps. We recommend chopping setting from behind.
  6. Now you can install the two apk files.First camera – then its plugin.

Note: Since the modification of the camera to OnePlus One is still very new, and therefore there are certain problems. If your plugin does not appear in the camera, you need to delete its data in settings.Also works the camera nor with software buttons enabled in CyanogenMod 12-change therefore to the hardware buttons.

Since the camera is installed outside the Google Play, you must manually install any updates in the future. That is why it is a good idea to keep you updated on future changes in the thread from xda-developers.

How do you experience the modified kamerapp and its 50 megapixel plugin? Share very much like your experience in the comments box below.


You can take 50MP pictures with your non-rooted OnePlus …

You can take 50MP pictures with your non-rooted OnePlus ...