ONO Lost 25 Million Euros in 2013 in Spite of Increasing Their Income

These days are not being any day in the history of ONO, that today we have known that in the absence of the signature it will end up being Vodafone for about 7,200 million euros. But today we have also known the economic results, already met those of numbers of lines above, 2013 and the truth is that they were not too positive.

While the company’s revenues grew slightly over the previous year this is not avoided that the Millicom lost almost 25 million euros last year. Some numbers that contrast with the 2012, with a balance of € 52.3 million, and since the company they justify by various financial expenses environment to your debt.

The bad result of ONO in 2013 is accompanied by a gross operating profit (EBITDA) which also declined compared to the previous year an 8.8%, stood at 686 million euros. But there just bad numbers from the Millicom, if you got that revenue increase 1.6%, Thanks to the services contracted by companies, 14% growth, since the generated by particular customers, fell 1.9%. Debt at the end of the exercise, which will liquidate the sale to Vodafone, stood at 3.341 million euros.

It increases the average monthly income per customer

One of the data in which more effort put operators, the average monthly income per customer, got now, continue upward in ONO. The ARPU of clients reached the 55.1 euros in an increase 2.8%, an achievement after the continuous price cuts that has rushed into fixed connections and mobile rates the company.

When finally signing sale to This Vodafone will acquire 1.868.000 fixed lines, 1.531.000 connections for fixed broadband, 1.085.000 mobile lines and 790,000 customers of pay television, of which 323.000 are intelligent TiVo television. Let us not forget of course the wide network of fixed broadband of ONO, reaching 7.2 million households, offering connections of up to 200 MB of down for individuals and 500 megs for professionals.