ONO Mobile Phone Customers Will Keep Movistar Coverage of Time

Another important question revealed. Customers of ONO mobile can having hosted in different ways the news of the purchase of your supplier by Vodafone but surely is one of the first questions that will come them to the head if they will keep Movistar mobile coverage.

And so it will be at least for the time being, Vodafone said during the press conference that has just taken place that ONO mobile clients will keep Movistar coverage on the phone at least for the time being. The new owner of the Millicom will negotiate a possible change of coverage as soon as possible but as ONO customers won’t notice differences.

ONO was until now one of the few virtual mobile operators which had coverage of Movistar and will thus remain although we talk about in the past. Since Vodafone ensures that they will maintain coverage of his rival ONO mobile customers, while ensuring that they will seek to negotiate the change of coverage as soon as possible.

Therefore ONO by having those elected Movistar coverage may continue in it without any problems although they will have to bear in mind that sooner or later it will be to have Vodafone coverage. Do not reach any agreement with rival Vodafone would have to keep the coverage for several years, Since the agreement between ONO and Movistar was renovated recently.